Be a TESTimony

We survive our troubles to provide for those in need; therefore, single parents are encouraged to build meaningful and positive relationships with people other than their children. These friendships serve as a foundation to build the support system needed in a one parent home. This is by design and not open for discussion or debate. It is a master plan to aid in village growth. The same village that helps protect their children.

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.” (Psalms 46 1-3 NIV).

Difficult times breed life lessons which result in personal elevation. Once the difficult time, known as a TEST, has passed it becomes a TESTimony. It is our responsibility to share this testimony with someone in need.

Keep giving! Keep living! Keep thriving!

What is your TEST? Share your TESTimony in the comments section and be a blessing to other single parents.

I look forward to reading your comments.

-A Lavender Place

In the Middle of Nowhere

It is in the center of nowhere that the best is found. Single parents, I encourage you to read the statement below and embrace the moments of emptiness. It is acceptable to be still, be patient, and just be.

– a Lavender Place

A Single Parent’s Daily Prayer

A parent, especially a single one, needs to be filled and fueled, daily.  It is necessary to take time to speak positive affirmations, meditate and find a center – the place in one”s mind that brings tranquility. Be very intentional when refocusing and birthing good thoughts.  Watch how much calmer, patient and productive you are. Try reading this Single Parent’s Prayer to start the day and then share your personal positive results with me in the comments section of this page.

Be the example of greatness! Namaste!

– A Lavender Place

Afterschool Programs Help Keep Single Parent’s Employed

Have you ever wondered why there is a 3 hour window between the end of a child’s school day and a parent’s work day? I wish I had a reasonable explanation, but this barrier stands in the way of many working parents.

A 3 hour window exists from 3PM to 6PM when a parent is in the midst of a busy work day and a child finishes school. For parents with careers it is challenging to determine what to do with their child(ren) during these crucial hours. Parents ask “How do I complete work related tasks by the close of business without feeling the pressure of rushing to pick up little Johnny from school?” This concern haunts working parents all over the U.S.

Specifically, single parents are impacted the most as they have the daunting challenge of coordinating pick up times with other parents, family members or friends. Unfortunately, without those individuals, the burden rests with that one parent. In retrospect, a two parent household has more flexibility to share the car pool responsibility.

Single parents who find themselves in this predicament can explore various after school programs in their area.

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What is an afterschool program?

The Afterschool Alliance states, afterschool programs can be defined broadly as any program that provides child care for elementary and middle school youth when students are not at school, and parents are not at home.

Why enroll in a quality afterschool program?

Afterschool programs keep kids safe, inspire them to learn and help working families. This is a parent’s dream which affords them the flexibility to manage a career, complete important tasks, and meet specific deadlines.

Afterschool program are a critical resource that serves to bridge the gap between the end of a child’s school day and a parent’s work day, Thus, providing a safe place for a child while allowing the parent to remain employed.

Program Variations

Afterschool programs serve our communities and the families that live in them. Therefore, they are in demand and offer various options:

  • Transportation from the school to the afterschool site (Some have programs at the school).
  • Schedules to include a snack and homework assistance.
  • Projects to include STEM/STEAM activities
  • Health and fitness focused activities

Although, there is a 3 hour window between the end of a child’s school day and a parent’s work day, it is evident a trusted after school program is one solution. Single parents, I encourage you to research the available afterschool programs in your area. If you need any assistance with your research efforts then feel free to contact me – Ms. Lawson at Be sure to reference this article in the subject area of the email.


– A Lavender Place